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Spotlighting National Reports

National reports are a resource for those with responsibility and opportunity for shaping undergraduate learning spaces. These reports provide critical analyses of higher education and of the world beyond the campus. Based on those analyses, they make recommendations for action at the campus level.

Branches from the Same Tree, one of the newest reports from the National Academies of Science, presents the case for The Integration of the Humanities and Arts with Sciences, Engineering and Medicine in Higher Education. The very title signals the impact that it will have on those responsible for spaces now being designed and constructed that are intended to serve the institution with distinction into the future.

Major recommendations in the report focus on auditing current practice as an essential first step in moving toward an intentionally integrated community of practice.

Institutions should perform a cultural audit of courses, programs, and spaces on campus where integration is already taking place, partnering with student affairs professionals to evaluate programs and initiatives intended to integrate learning between the class and nonclassroom environment, and working with teaching and learning centers to develop curricular for faculty changed with teaching for or within an integrative experience.

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The LSC Roadmap is a guide into the world of planning spaces for 21st century learners and learning. It presents easy access to key resources that will inform and inspire planners—academics as well as design professionals. These including links to the growing body of National Reports focusing on learning and learners—what next and why.

The Roadmap will provide easy connections to examples of spaces that work, to the work of pedagogical and institutional agents of change. A central part of the Roadmap will focus on the growing community of national organizations translating findings from research and the field about transformation change into strategies for action at the campus level.

spaces that work portfolio

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Under Preparation: LSC Youtube Presentations

  • Making the Case for 21st Century Libraries: What Works (PROCESS)
  • Spaces for Users: Physical, Virtual, Hybrid, Social (USER)
  • A Campus-wide “Space Matters” Culture (USER)
  • Making the Case: A New Building as a Critical Component Supporting Cross-disciplinary Collaborations (PROCESS)
  • A “Community of Transformation” In the Reform of STEM Education (USER)
  • Making the Case for a Process that Focuses on Key Stakeholders (PROCESS)
  • The Story of Shifting from Teaching to Learning (FUTURE)
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One model of team science proposed in Enhancing the Effectiveness of Team Science is a development stage in which the primary goal is to define the relevant scientific and societal problem, to create a shared sense of mission and goals…, developing critical awareness of the strengths and weaknesses (that each member brings to the team), and developing an environment of psychological safety.

  • An effective method for supporting these processes is to engage the group in creating a visual representation of the problem area, referred to as a “cognitive artifact,” and updating this representation as the work proceeds.

From this beginning, the group moves into the conceptualization phase, developing research questions, hypotheses, a conceptual framework, and a research design. Team processes that enhance effectiveness at this stage include developing a shared language, such as by using analogies and lay language in in place of disciplinary jargon. [p. 76]

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A link to what we know about planning learning spaces and what we need to know

Learning Spaces Collaboratory

The LSC is a community focusing on the future of planning learning spaces.



The LSC is a collaborating community of academics and architects, a diverse community of stakeholders with a shared commitment to sustainable transformation of the undergraduate environment for learning for all students.

SERC, the Science Education Resource Center at Carleton College and an LSC collaborating partner, has one of the world’s largest online collections of pedagogic resources.

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From the Archives-LSC Webinar Questions 2010-2015

Planning Toward Substantive, Sustainable Transformation of the Undergraduate Learning Environment

A Portfolio:

  • Questions extracted and distilled from the archive of LSC webinars
  • A prompt for those responsible for the physical learning environment.

From Audits to Quick Fixes: Critical Questions

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2018 LSC Roundtable Schedule:


  • 6/19: Stanford CA. Focusing on Classrooms and Formal Learning Spaces
  • 6/20: Worcester MA. Focusing on Accommodating Project-based Learning (in collaboration with the WPI International PBL Conference
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From the Chronicle of Higher Education:

A Third of Your Freshmen Disappear. How Can You Keep Them?

Colleges redesign the first-year experience to improve retention, learning outcomes, and students’ sense of belonging.

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