The essence of the Learning Spaces Collaboratory is that it offers a forum for academics and architects to explore challenges and opportunities facing those with responsibility for shaping spaces in which students experience learning. Beginning in 2010, these forums happened in concert with LSC facilities workshops focusing on four over-arching questions: i) what do we want our learners to become?; ii) what kind of learning experiences enable that becoming; iii) what kind of spaces enable those experiences; and iv) how will we know? Beginning in 2016, these forums—now LSC Roundtables—focused on translating lessons learned over the past decade of giving attention to learning spaces into audacious questions  about learners of today and the future. Beginning in 2020, in a changing context, the LSC assembled a core group of academics and architects (LSC Sponsors) to anticipate emerging questions and capture emerging best practices in shaping spaces that serve learners and the institution into the future. Attention is being given to the arc of planning for assessing—to research and stories from the field that provide evidence about what works.


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