Library of Evidence

This Library of Evidence begins with incorporating resources now available through our individual sites, with the addition of recent and emerging findings from research and practice focusing on why spaces matter and how we know.

The resources included in the Library reflect the work of a diversity of stakeholders. This includes individual researchers and teams of researchers from the cognitive sciences, pedagogical, disciplinary and professional communities. Findings from the work of academics and architects at individual colleges and universities will also be incorporated into the Library. The Library of Evidence is designed to inform the work of those responsible for ensuring there is a measurable return in the institutional investment made to shape learning environments in which students—today and tomorrow—thrive.

The Library of Evidence presents resources and material from the LSC and from broader communities of practice.




Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Planning and Planners

  • Research and Stories from the Larger Community


Tools for Planning


From the LSC



The Learning Spaces Collaboratory Archive

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IV. PKAL 1989-2009