The LSC Colloquium: Snapshots of the Architectural Posters

Snapshots of the Architectural Posters

Realizing spaces that work is a complicated undertaking that involves many stakeholders and extends over many years. Two critical early steps in this process—no matter the scope of the project—are: i) surveying the field; and ii) creating a checklist for planning at the campus-level.

The LSC Colloquium offers many opportunities to survey the field—in particular through formal and informal poster sessions. These posters will be visible in the main meeting room throughout the Colloquium. An informal poster session will take place during the pre-dinner reception on Friday. Following dinner, self-assembled small groups will begin to draft checklists for action, based on the Opening Plenary and the informal review of posters.

Background Resources from the Roundtables:

  • The Yardstick: A New Metaphor for the Process of Planning
    “Being a campus architect for ten years (after being in private practice, I have learned that campuses do not understand the design process and they do not know how much advanced planning needs to happen before an architect is brought to the planning table.”
  • How Can Space Facilitate the Process of Making Knowledge?
    “We have to recognize how institutions struggle with planning without deep understanding about why spaces make a difference to student learners and, indeed, to all who will experience the spaces we are or will be planning.”
  • A Checklist: What to Do Before Starting Formal Planning
    This story illustrates the complexity and iterative nature of planning—toward the end that the project is embraced by the campus community, focuses on the future, and enhances institutional distinction.


2019 LSC National Colloquium