Report on Reports I

Source: Project Kaleidoscope

Recommendations for Action in support of Undergraduate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
Project Kaleidoscope, 2002

This report on reports presents valuable perspectives on the past, present, and future of undergraduate programs in mathematics, technology, and the various fields of science and engineering.

For one we see a remarkable consistency of vision in these seventeen years of reports– one that is not modest and that calls for more than tinkering around the edges. The vision is of an environment in which all American undergraduates have access to learning experiences that motivate them to persist in their studies and consider careers in these fields; it is of an environment that brings undergraduates to an understanding of the role of science and technology in their world. It is a vision that calls for attention to practices and policies that affect shaping the curriculum and building the human and physical infrastructure to sustain strong programs. It is a vision that calls for collective action.

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