Registration: 2019 LSC National Colloquium

Academic Registration Form
A team discount is available when three people from the same institution register for the Colloquium. $400 per individual attendee. For each group of 3, the cost will be $1000. 

Architect Registration Form
Cost is $750 per individual presenting a project poster and acting as a facilitating architect and $400 per individual attending as an observing architect.

POSTERS from design firms are a key feature of the Colloquium, and a key strategy for reaching those goals. Posters will be visible throughout the Colloquium, with formal poster sessions scheduled Friday and Saturday evenings. Colloquium posters will be incorporated in a Report from the 2019 LSC Colloquium to be published early in 2020.

FURTHER INFORMATION. There will be regular postings about the Colloquium, including speakers, facilitators, resources, etc. on the LSC Colloquium event page. By September 15, a form for identifying breakout sessions of interest will be sent to all registrants.

2019 LSC National Colloquium