3:30 – 5:00 p.m. EST

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  • Kevin M. Crosby, Dean, Division of Natural and Social Sciences and Director, NASA Wisconsin Space Grant Consortium—Carthage College
  • Michael Reagan, Vice President, Science+Technology Market Sector Lead—Stantec
  • Charles Piper, Principal—BCWH Architects
  • Garret Westlake, Executive Director of the da Vinci Center—Virginia Commonwealth University


Carthage College Straz Center Modernization & Expansion

Virginia Commonwealth University Da Vinci Center for Innovation

Learning Goals:

Learn how academics and architects collaborate in tackling renovations of 20th century learning spaces to serve 21st century institutional goals for what undergraduates are to become, as they take time to:

  • Identify key questions at the beginning of the process, questions that drive the process of planning, renovating and assessing 21st century spaces for learning in the undergraduate setting.
  • Identify, build on, and enhance existing institutional strengths in establishing project vision and goals; integrate major institutional strategic programmatic initiatives with the process of planning and renovating 21st century spaces for learning
  • Integrate major institutional strategies to transform programs and pedagogies into the planning and assessing 21st century learning spaces
  • Enjoy the adventure of exploring the future. Keep asking “what if,” “why” and “why not.”