LSC Roundtable 2.0 – James Madison University

James Madison University
Harrisonburg, Virginia

The 2019 Series of Learning Spaces Collaboratory Roundtables focuses on key issues to address in planning to plan spaces for 21st century learners. Roundtables provide opportunity for design professionals and academics to have conversations about planning that shift perspectives, create common understandings, and suggest new language and approaches.

The LSC Roundtable at James Madison University focused on issues relating to:

  • Campus-wide Attention to Learning Spaces—Why It Matters; How It Happens
  • Designing for Inclusivity—Reflecting Institutional Goals for Student Success
  • Designing of Ecosystems for Learning—Reflecting Institutional Goals for a Community of Learner
  • Knowledge Claims—What We Know and What We Need to Know About Planning and Assessing Spaces that Serve Institutional Goals