LSC Guide II: questions that matter

The LSC Guide to the LSC Roadmap captures questions emerging from LSC Roundtables (2016 -2018), organizing them in a format useful for those responsible for spaces that matter in the undergraduate setting.

The notion of a Yardstick for Planning was introduced at the first LSC Roundtable at the Georgia Institute of Technology. It is metaphorical language that speaks of how much needs to be done before designing and digging. This dedication of significant time to think through the project is a critical time to get inside the institutional culture, to codify what is important to the institution.

We initiate this Guide with a Collection of questions that matter. These questions, reflecting roundtable discussions, can be addressed in an iterative fashion at different stages in the planning process. They are a resource for attention to spaces, be it remodeling, repurposing, building anew, and/or within discussions about other institutional initiatives.

I. Making the Case: The Return on the Investment in 21st Century Environments for Learning

  1. From the Perspective of the Learner
  2. From the Perspective of the Institution
  3. Making the Case – Planning takes a long time

II. Spaces that Work

  1. spaces that work collection I
  2. spaces that work collection II

III. What do we know, what do we need to know, how do we know?

  1. Research
  2. From the Field

IV. Topical Issues

  1. Inclusivity
  2. Permeability
  3. Ecosystems

V. Strategies

  1. The Learning Spaces Collaboratory Roundtables