Permeability: A Concept for Learning Spaces Embracing the Future

Should the language of permeable and permeability be infused into the process of planning learning spaces into the future?

LSC Roundtables were designed as a forum for academics and architects to scout into the future—to identify and make the case for audacious questions to drive shaping of 21st century spaces for learning for 21st century learners. This question was posed by an architect in a 2017 roundtable, making the case that the language of planning shapes mental images of what spaces should become, can become.

That question will be explored in many ways through LSC activities in the coming year.

  • Publication: LEARNING BY DESIGN April 1, 2019
    Includes an LSC editorial on Permeability, featuring stories from Clemson University (The Watt Family Innovation Center); Texas A&M University (Texas A&M University Campus—A Permeable Landscape Campus as Ecosystem for Learning); The University of Calgary (The Taylor Family Digital Library)


  • LSC Webinar: PERMEABILITY – Date TBD
    Presenters: Barbara Speziale, Barbara Speziale, Professor and Associate Director, Watt Family Innovation Center and Director, Creative Inquiry—Clemson University; Jorge Vanegas, D dean of the College of Architecture—Texas A&M University; Thomas Hickerson, former Vice Provost and University Librarian—University of Calgary


  • LSC SCUP Workshop: July 19, 2019
    9:00 AM– 2:45 PMPermeability: A Driver of Change and Cutting-edge Learning Spaces
    Presented by: Don Hensley, Vice President and Education Sector Leader, Stantec | Tom Hickerson, University of Calgary | Jeanne L. Narum, Principal, Learning Spaces Collaboratory | Barbara Speziale, Associate Director, Watt Family Innovation Center, Clemson University



  • A Collection of Resources: Permeability
    Resources from the Field and From LSC Activities