LSC National Colloquium – Themes and Goals


  • The experience of all 21st century learners/users
  • Planning for assessing 21st century ecosystems for learning
  • Permeability: Focusing on the future of 21st century learners & learning spaces


That all participants leave with a deeper understanding about what we know and what we need to know about:

  • How to shape a shared language and vision within a campus community about why spaces matter— to learners today and into the future, to the institution today and into the future; how to make the case to colleagues and clients.
  • How to examine campus culture for planning and assessing spaces that reflect that language and vision; how to identify and assess institutional assets (people, programs, places) relevant to realizing spaces that matter.
  • How to create and nurture a community with a shared commitment to incorporating attention to inclusivity—spaces serving all students, ecosystems—every space a learning space, and permeability—as a lens through which to design holistically.
  • How to incorporate attention to how institutional operations, programmatic initiatives, and how student successes are influenced by planning that embraces the future.

2019 LSC National Colloquium