Key Resources for the LSC Colloquium: Posters

2019 LSC National Colloquium

GOALS for the LSC Colloquium: all participants leave with a deeper understanding of what we know and need to know about how to shape a shared language, examine campus culture, create and nurture a community around learning spaces on campus.

POSTERS from design firms and campus teams are a key feature of the Colloquium, and a key strategy for reaching those goals. Posters will be visible throughout the Colloquium, with formal poster sessions scheduled Friday and Saturday evenings. Colloquium posters will be incorporated in a Report from the 2019 LSC Colloquium to be published early in 2020.

  • Posters—Design Professionals.
  • Posters—Campus Teams.

All LSC activities are designed to prompt informed discussion between academics and architects. These two essays from LSC Roundtables illustrate the give-and take between academics and architects that will be the heart of the LSC Colloquium in November:

  • Planning & Designing for Inclusivity
    • What would a comfortable learning space be for you?
    • What would a safe space for learning be for you?
    • How can questions about who our student populations is now and what it will be in the future shape our planning?
    • How to overcome being uncomfortable in talking with clients about diversity and inclusivity?

Join us in Kansas City to explore further questions, which are relevant at any stage of giving attention to the environment for learning.