I. Are We Prepared to Ask Audacious Questions? (LSC Guide II)

questions that matter: I. Are We Prepared to Ask Audacious Questions?

This LSC Guide II is structured around experiences and conversations engaging academics and architects participating in LSC Roundtables (2016 – 2018). These experiences included responding to questions such as “what keeps you up at night when thinking about learning spaces?” to “what is the most audacious question we should be asking in the process of planning?” Participants were also challenged—as individuals and as a team—to visualize responses to such questions.

We initiate this LSC Guide II with a collection of questions that matter. These questions, reflecting roundtable discussions, can be addressed in an iterative fashion at different stages in the planning process. They are a resource for institutions giving attention to spaces, be it remodeling, repurposing, building anew, and/or within discussions about other campus-wide strategic initiatives.

The 1st question posed in the Guide II—about audacious questions—is the first question posed in the roundtables.