Announcing: An LSC Series of Conversations & Reflections


From the publication of How People Learn (1999) there has been a steadily growing awareness of how research in the cognitive and social sciences informs attention to spaces in which learning happens. A parallel body of evidence is emerging from the work of academics and design professionals across the country exploring what works in the process of giving attention to the physical environment for learning—documenting what & how we know.

Further Conversations and Reflections will be presented by representatives of LSC Collaborating Partners. Participants in the 2019 LSC Colloquium and other reflective thinkers within and beyond the LSC will present in this series.

Collectively, these conversations and reflections are responsive to questions about how spaces matter. They will challenge planners to be more audacious—going on current practice and embracing the future—in shaping spaces for their campus community.

This series will alert the broader community of stakeholders to emerging findings from researchers in many fields, including the cognitive sciences about how spaces matter.

Reports from the field—from teams on individual campuses and professional societies–about spaces that matter—what they are, how we know, what we need to know.

Biophilia is the theory that human beings are innately connected to nature and living organisms. It is a universally human reaction to feel relaxed and more sensory aware in natural spaces. Through evolutionary adaption we now find beauty and calmness in the natural elements that once nourished and protected our remote ancestors.

This Conversation will be facilitated by a Research Team funded by AIA: Jim Determan, FAIA, Craig Gaulden Davis; Bill Browning Hon. AIA, Terrapin Bright Green; Thomas Albright; Ph.D,The Salk Institute; Mary Anne Akers, PhD, Dean and Professor, Morgan State University; Paul Archibald, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Morgan State University; Catherine Martin-Dunlop, PhD. Morgan State University.

  • Exploring Measurable Outcomes to Validate The Investment in Permeable Design Makes a Difference
    Wednesday, December 4, 2019

This Conversation will be facilitated by participants in the November LSC Colloquium, in which the emerging concept of permeable design will be introduced, some possible outcomes explored, and initial assessment measures drafted.

Cost: $200 per conversation. Participants in the LSC Colloquium receive complimentary registration.
Registrants receive a copy of the conversation.

The 2020 Conversion Series, to be announced shortly, will feature recent and emerging recent research from LSC Collaborating Partners.