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Spaces That Work

spaces that work collection I spaces that work collection II spaces that work collection III: Snapshots of Spaces that Anticipate the Future The LSC Guide: Planning for Assessing 21st Century Spaces for 21st Century Learners

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Assessment Initiative

The LSC Community affords the ideal opportunity to undertake a multi-year research agenda on what works and why in shaping 21st century learning spaces for 21st century learners. The first step will be to assemble and analyze evidence from research already available, including from each of the various “communities” within the LSC: collaborating partners, design […]

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Meetings – Archive

LSC events and activities are grounded in the LSC goal to shape an emerging national community of practice: one that recognizes its responsibility to work toward a common language about learners and learning as a critical step in shaping 21st century learning spaces that serve 21st century learners. The LSC involves a diverse cadre of […]

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Collaborating Partner Events

An initial set of organizational collaborators has been assembled. The work of each of these organizations influences and/or is influenced by attention to the quality and character of learning in American colleges and universities. There will be a feedback loop among the collaborators. They will share lessons learned from their individual efforts; they will promote […]

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2016 – 2019 LSC Roundtables

The Learning Spaces Collaboratory Roundtables are designed to focus on the future of planning 21st century learning spaces for 21st century learners.  

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LSC YouTube Channel

The primary goal of LSC is to inform the work of campus planning teams with responsibility for shaping, maintaining, and renewing undergraduate learning environments—whether the focus be remodeling a single classroom; recycling an out-dated library; renovating for interdisciplinary STEM learning and research; redesigning the landscape/greening the campus; imagining, designing, constructing, and maintaining a major new […]

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