Using Planning for Learning Spaces as an Institutional Change Lever: Multiple Perspectives

The HED’s Up session, facilitated by Andrea Beach from Western Michigan University is structured around four campus stories about how to use planning for assessing learning spaces as a lever for institutional change.

-William LaCourse, UMBC: how their new Interdisciplinary Life Science Building was designed for student success, persistence, interdisciplinary learning, and applied learning experiences, and how it reflects and extends what UMBC learned from years of attention to how space matters to learning.

-Steven Peters, Montevallo University: how the sea-change underway in thinking about creativity in learning has profound implications for facility planning in the arts, how the transition from departmentalized, discipline-based spaces into more flexible, collaborative configurations, how the most
daunting challenge for deans is leading faculty and architects in new directions.

-Catherine Murray-Rust, Georgia Tech: how a community worked for many years to explore what a 21st century library is to be and how they realized their vision in renovations and a learning commons and renovations.

-C. Edward Watson, University of Georgia/AAC&U: how to recognize and address the many cross-cutting challenges and opportunities planners face when attention  to spaces is part of a larger set of
institutional change initiatives.

2019 AAC&U Annual Meeting

January 23, 2019 to January 26, 2019
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