The Impact of Biophilic Design on Student Success: An LSC Conversation

4:00 pm

Biophilia is the theory that human beings are innately connected to nature and living organisms. It is a universally human reaction to feel relaxed and more sensory aware in natural spaces. Through evolutionary adaption we now find beauty and calmness in the natural elements that once nourished and protected our remote ancestors.

The Research Team ( supported by AIA) engaging in this Conversation are: Jim Determan, FAIA, Craig Gaulden Davis; Bill Browning Hon. AIA, Terrapin Bright Green; Thomas Albright, Ph.D, The Salk Institute; Mary Anne Akers, PhD, Dean and Professor, Paul Archibald, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Catherine Martin-Dunlop, PhD.—all from Morgan State University.

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