Revolutionary Space: How Physical Environments Shape Identity, Equity, and Knowledge Production


  • Jeanne L Narum, Learning Spaces Collaboratory


  • Lisa Brock, Kalamazoo College
  • Karlyn Crowley, St Norbert College
  • Jaime Flores Gonzalez, St. Norbert College, Cassandra Voss Center
  • Jennifer Graham, Georgia College
  • M. Shadee Malaklou, Beloit College
  • Linda Strong-Leek, Berea College
  • Nicole Truesdell, Brown University
  • Armaghan Ziaee, University of Cincinnati

Physical environments shape us and we shape them in return. The lack of equity in the field of Architecture itself and the settler colonialism and historical white supremacy of physical environments in the U.S. have meant that conversations in Gender and Identity Studies about design are rare. Participants will present on physical space and equity as it relates to higher education and learning broadly conceived such as: social justice centers like the Arcus Center, bell hooks Institute, and Cassandra Voss Center; campus decolonization projects; intersectional identity spaces and their function; and western imperialist architecture in schools.

National Women’s Studies Association Annual Conference