Planning the Learning Spaces for Tomorrow: LSC Session at AAC&U’s Network for Academic Renewal Conference
1:30 PM – 2:45 PM


  • Jeanne L. Narum, Principal—Learning Spaces Collaboratory


  • ​Pamela Scott-Johnson, Dean College of Natural and Social Sciences—California State University Los Angeles
  • Representatives of LSC Collaborating Partners (TBA)

​What questions should one ask when contemplating the physical environment for learning? How does a campus community and/or those responsible for a particular learning space reach consensus on questions that reflect the context and their collective vision of what they want their learners to become? Is there a process of questioning that links attention to spaces to broader institutional initiatives? These are questions emerging as academics and architects today plan learning spaces for tomorrow. Session facilitators will introduce a pilot approach for integrating attention spaces for learning into ongoing institutional planning. It reflects lessons learned from Learning Spaces Collaboratory (LSC) roundtables (2015 – 2017) about the iterative planning process of addressing these questions: What do we want our learners to become? What keeps me up at night when thinking about learning and learning spaces? What is the most audacious question that should be driving our planning? Why is it audacious, in our culture and context? When should this question be addressed in the process of planning? Following remarks by facilitators, table groups will prepare a collective response to those questions, using the LSC Blueprint for Spaces for Learning (now under construction). The workshop will end with a poster session and open discussion.