Permeability: A Driver of Change and Cutting-edge Learning Spaces

LSC Session at the SCUP 2019 Annual Conference

Washington State Convention Center | Seattle, WA
9:00 AM– 2:45 PM



  • Don Hensley, Vice President—Stantec
  • Thomas Hickerson, Vice Provost and University Librarian—University of Calgary (retired)
  • Barbara Speziale, Associate Director, Watt Family Innovation Center—Clemson University


  • Jeanne L. Narum, Principal—Learning Spaces Collaboratory


Learning Outcomes

  1. How to shape a shared language and vision about permeability as a design concept for shaping learning spaces; be prepared to make the case for permeability with colleagues and clients.
  2. How to examine campus culture for planning for permeability; be prepared to identify and assess institutional assets (people, program, places) relevant to planning for permeability.
  3. How to create and nurture a community with a shared commitment to permeability as a design concept, one that has an impact on institutional operations, programmatic initiatives, and student success into the future.
  4. How to visualize the concept of permeability as it influences the planning and assessing of all spatial types, connections within and beyond the campus, connections to the institutional past, present, and future.