Planning and repurposing 21st century learning spaces: Responding to recommendations in national reports

The upcoming LSC webinar on National Reports spotlights the efforts of John Jungck (Director of the Interdisciplinary Science Learning Laboratories at the University of Delaware) and John Marshall (Architecture & Urban Planning, Multidiscplinary Design Program at the University of Michigan). Each of these spaces- one new building and one repurposed room- illustrates approaches to addressing recommendations in ARISE 2.

The 2013 report from the American Academy of Arts and Sciences—ARISE 2: Unleashing America’s Research & Innovation Enterprise—focuses on a particular challenge facing those responsible for shaping the future of research in STEM fields—that of moving toward transdisciplinary research… [recognizing that this] will require more than encouraging researchers from different disciplines to work together [and that a] critical next step is to provide incentives and remove barriers so that the tools and expertise developed within discrete disciplines are shared and combine to enable a deep conceptual and functional integration across the disciplines.

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