LSC Webinar Report: The Athenaeum at Goucher College (from March 21, 2012)

How spaces matter to shaping, sustaining, and celebrating community was the theme of the LSC webinar featuring the Athenaeum at Goucher College, presented by President Sanford J. Ungar and three of his Goucher colleagues: Linda Barone, Project Manager, Facilities Management Services; Nancy Magnuson, College Librarian; and Marc Roy, Provost.

In their process of planning, they translated the ancient concept of a space for meeting and learning into a contemporary physical embodiment of spaces that enable the meeting and learning of 21st century undergraduates.

Through their process of planning, they arrived at spaces that signal to students that “we are your spaces.” As illustrated by the photos, the Athenaeum incorporates spaces for personal reflection—in quiet corners over-looking the campus, as well as for play—in the multi-story forum. It provides spaces for formal and informal groups of students organizing the myriad of co-curricular activities which are integral to the overall experiences of today’s undergraduates.