From the Archive: Words of Wisdom from Experts in the Field

Sometimes in the process of planning, perhaps at the beginning stages or when the process is stalled, it is helpful to have the perspective of experienced practitioners from beyond the campus to find the points of synergy and disconnect.

The obvious value of the wisdom of experts in the field in catalyzing and validating local reform efforts was confirmed during the years of the PKAL/Keck Consultancy Program, supported by the W.M. Keck Foundation. Presented here is a ‘real-world’ post-consultancy report to campus leaders on how to restart a planning process that had lost focus and momentum.

Although these words of wisdom are focused on the physical environment for STEM learners, they outline dangers to avoid and present recommendations for planning learning spaces, no matter the specific project under consideration. 

Planning: Community Responsibility for Restarting a Stalled Planning Process