Maker Spaces Reinvented Workshop at VentureWell Open 2015 Conference

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Time: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Location: D.C. incubator 1776


  • Leticia Britos Cavagnaro, Epicenter
  • Jeanne Narum, Learning Spaces Collaboratory

This day-long workshop, appropriately held in a DC-based startup incubator, anticipated the later LSC Roundtables in its intent and format. The intent: that small, self-assembled working groups spent time imagining the ideal space for making, sharing and defending their resulting models with their workshop colleagues.

The format:

  • Introduction & Overview. (15 minutes)
  • Exercise. Each individual drew his/her mental image of a space for making on a legal size paper, without lifting pen from paper once begin. (90 seconds)
  • Poster Session. Review of individual images prompted the organization of working groups of individual with differing mental images of a space for making. (10 minutes)
  • Table Work. Arrive at a shared language and common vision of a space for making; prepare to make the case to colleagues. (4 hours with lunch)

Reporting Out. Presentations, critiques, and comments by working teams and individuals. (90 minutes)


Worksheets from Workshop

The concept of makerspaces is beginning to shape the language and mental images of those responsible for the character of learning in undergraduate settings. For many, makerspaces are synonymous with product design and 3D printers. But what if a maker space could be more than that? A place for deep learning, a place to connect disciplines, a place to unleash creativity; an ideal environment in which 21st century learners become the creative, resilient, informed risk-takers that make a difference in the world in which they live and work.


For more information, visit the workshop website.