LSC Guide—Webinar II: Exploring classrooms

Wednesday, February 19, 2014
3:30 - 5:00 p.m. EST
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LSC Guide—Webinar II:  Exploring classrooms: rooms designated as registrar-assigned spaces in which students engage in learning that is collaborative, authentic, project-based, using interactive technologies with increasing intensity, spaces that can evolve, adaptable for research-based pedagogical approaches.
Questions addressed: What role do classrooms have in the ecosystem of learning spaces?  What are common characteristics of 21st century spaces accommodating registrar-assigned courses? What are they intended to do, to be [what is their job description]? What impact do such spaces have on 21st century learners?  How do we know? 
Lessons learned and what works will be distilled from stories in the LSC Guide and from the field.  
  • Jim Determan, Principal - Hord Coplan Macht

  • Brenda R. Farmer, Senior Learning Environments Designer- University of California, Berkeley

  • Michael Lauber, President - Ellenzweig

  • Catherine Martin-Dunlop, Associate Professor of Science Education - Morgan State University

  • Andrew McBride, Associate Vice President for Facilities, University Architect - University of Richmond

  • Robert Emery Smith, Director of Technology Services - Stanford University 
Learning outcomes for the Spring 2014 LSC series of webinars on ecosystems
How to connect the dots between:
  • institutional goals for student learning--what learners are to become and the process of planning spaces for learning
  • research on how learning happens to the process of planning spaces for learning
  • the work of pioneering agents of change on other campuses and local efforts to shape and sustain an ecosystem of learning spaces
  • the process of planning spaces for learning and the institutional vision of its future.


From the LSC Guide: