Broadening the Discussion: Shaping a Campus as an Ecosystem of Spaces for Making

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Architects and Design Professionals: online registration form

Participants in this 2018 “broadening the discussion” VentureWell/Learning Spaces Collaboratory roundtable will bring their individual experiences as academics and design professionals to address audacious questions about the future of spaces for making. These discussions will be sparked by questions emerging from the 2016 VW/LSC roundtable on spaces for making. The discussion will be enriched by the diverse perspectives that participants bring to the roundtable. As with all LSC roundtables, there is a flow through the discussions, something like a Mobius strip, of back and forth between common conversation and small working groups, with show and tell along the way.  A set of papers will be drafted, outlining rationale and strategies for establishing a vision and goals for a campus as an ecosystem of spaces for making and identifying initial steps toward that end.


OPEN 2018: VentureWell Annual Conference
March 22-24, 2018 
Austin, TX