LSC Webinar Snapshot: Adapting Classrooms for Student-centered & Technologically-supported Pedagogies

​Felix Kronenberg, Assistant Professor and Director of the Center for Language Learning - Rhodes College

Rhodes College Webinar Snapshot #4

To gain a deeper understanding of:

  • how to evaluate each feature of a physical space for learning for its potential impact on the quality and character of the experience of learning 
  • what flexibility means  in the context of a space intended for active, technology-enhanced learning
  • the optimal relationship between the designers and users of these learning environments.

LSC Webinar - Adapting Classrooms for Student-centered, Individualized, and Technologically-supported Pedagogies

Background on Featured Projects

​Resources from the Field

  • Technologies for Large Enrollment Courses - SERC at Carleton College
    Over the past decade there has been a significant amount of advance in pedagogical technologies that instructors can use to enhance large enrollment courses. Adapting some of these technologies can enhance interactive learning inside the classroom, improve the quality of traditional lecture segments, and facilitate learning outside of the classroom.