The LSC Roadmap









About the Learning Spaces Collaboratory


The Learning Spaces Collaboratory (LSC) is a community of researchers, practitioners and other stakeholders who develop resources to inform the practice and process of planning, experiencing, and assessing 21st century learning spaces.  

Those involved with the LSC translate findings from contemporary research and practice in the field into roadmaps for shaping and assessing built environments for learning in the undergraduate setting.

An informal "braintrust" serves as the LSC Advisory Board, keeping the LSC grounded in best practices and focused on the future in planning spaces for learning in the undergraduate setting.

The collaborating partners make a unique contribution to the LSC. They represent national organizations and associations of pioneering agents of change.  They understand and communicate the importance of the environment to student learning, and why it matters if we are to achieve individual, institutional and national goals for students in the 21st century.

LSC initiatives are informed by, and contribute to, the work of forward-thinking leaders on campuses and professional design  firms across the country, creating a new community of practice for the future of planned spaces for learning. The metaphor of “trading zone” is helpful in illustrating the role of the LSC in fostering these communities of practice. 


1)  The LSC will be one of the key, national resources melding conceptual thinking, research, and practice in the creation of effective undergraduate learning environments.

2)  The LSC will be a fundamental resource blending research on learning with space design in the creation of highly effective undergraduate learning environments.

3)  By providing opportunities for scholars and practitioners to creatively envision new, effective learning environments, the LSC will become a vital resource for sharing and disseminating transformative ideas for 21st century learning spaces.