FAQs for LSC Webinars


Q. How much does the webinar cost?

A. The registration fee is $100.  This fee includes access to the live webinar and to a link to the webinar within 3 - 5 days after the event.


Q. When does registration close?

A. Registration for the webinar closes at 5:00 p.m. EST the day before the event. 


Q.  Can I receive access to the recorded webinar after the event?

A.  Yes, you can register up to 3 - 5 days after the event to receive the link to the recording (audio/video). Some find this helpful when the scheduled date for the event is not convenient. 


Q. How does one listen to the webinar?

A. There are several ways to listen.

  • You can listen either by phone or by computer audio. From experience, participating by phone is recommended; computer audio seems to be of varied quality.

  • Many webinar registrants at a single site assemble around a conference phone, finding this an opportunity to spark broader discussions about issues addressed in the webinar, to explore what works in their context.


Q. Can questions be submitted to webinar faciitators?

A. Yes. There are several ways to submit questions.

  • The registration form invites both questions and comments; these should be submitted to pkallsc@pkallsc.org a few days before the scheduled webinar.

  • Questions are invited also during the webinar, using the 'chat room' tool provided by WebEx.

  • Followup questions can be submitted to pkallsc@pkallsc.org for the week following the  webinar.


Q.  Are AIA continuing education credits available through participating in LSC webinars?

A.  We are exploring this possibility.